Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All moved in!
It's been a crazy week but we're all settled in. Getting up at 4 am isn't old yet and neither is the 45 minute commute to work... there is a strong possibility that this could change. 
Here's a peek at our new place. Which just so happens to be the venue for our wedding and reception and my grandparents house. (They love us and haven't wanted to kick us out yet but this too could change)

Frogs & lizards EVERYWHERE 

 New barn color
 This is where we're going to have the wedding and reception.
 Red will be in attendance as well.


It's my birthday!
The big 2-7!
It's really one of those in between birthday's where nothing fun happens but I'm still excited!
Also, only 4 weeks until the wedding! I think that's the real reason I'm so giddy! haha

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  1. You just looking at those pictures and if you wouldn't have said where they were taken at I would have just known they were from mommom's house. Just something so familiar about all of them. Remember catching little bugs and putting them in the banana spiders webs to help feed them? Like they needed our help lol.