Tuesday, September 13, 2011

With the upcoming Fall season I decided to incorporate a little seasonal variety in todays post...apples!
Apples are rich in natural enzymes, antioxidants, nutrients and malic acid.
Malic acid is a gentle exfoliant and is great for those who have sensitive skin or allergies to lactic acid.
Apples can be use in numerous ways as demonstrated in these posts. And yep, that's right, I'm cheating today! My mom, sister, my future mother in law, and myself are heading out to purchase their mother of the bride & groom dresses today so check out these links with great recipes using apples!

Hope you enjoy these! Apples are great for all skin types & they're good for your body also! So this is kind of a diy skin care & skin food post all in one. Apples contain lots of fiber so of course they help "cleanse" you internally which in turn cleanses you externally! Go apples! Poor guys, they're so under rated!

Happy Tuesday!

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