Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's been over a week since my last post but I'm very excited to announce the reason why!
I finally finished my skin care line and it's now up on Etsy!
I'm very proud of the products I've created and so far I've had nothing but positive responses from clients, family, friends, and all of my little guinea pigs out there! haha
Here's a little run down of what's available:
3 different cleansers:
The cleanser for normal & dry skin types are both oil cleansers. I just couldn't get people with oily skin to fall in love with the oil cleansing method so the oily skin cleanser does lather a little and contains an olive oil based soap. It's still very nourishing and works amazingly well at keeping skin balanced and not overly dry! All of the cleansers are very gentle and smell great! There's a little summary of each product in the Etsy store.

3 different toners:
Since products containing water tend to grow mold and all kinds of nasty things they NEED to contain a preservative to maintain freshness. Instead of opting for some crazy chemical cocktail I chose to use vitamin C in all of the toners. Vitamin C is a known preservative & boosts the power of the toners by brightening the skin and acting as a very mild sunscreen!

And, 3 different serums:
I LOVE these serums! Many people ask me, "what's the one product I need if I'm going to invest in a skin care line?" While properly prepping your skin with cleansers and toners is very important, a really good serum or moisturizer is key to addressing issues with your skin! Most of your key ingredients for fighting acne, wrinkles, redness, dark spots, etc... are found in your serums & moisturizers. Right now I only offer a serum but a line of moisturizers is coming soon! These serums are actually more like an all in one product. Unless your skin is very dry you probably won't even need a moisturizer at all!

All of these products will also be available at my studio if you would rather stop by and pick them up! Again, I'm VERY excited about these products & hope you try them out & let me know what you think! I know you'll love them! If you're not sure which ones you need feel free to shoot me an e-mail or convo me on Etsy!

And just a little tid bit of info I read on Orchid Grey today...
"did you know listening to reggae can help calm anxiety? The beat synchs with your heart and calms you down."

Apparently this is from Women's Health but I always suspected this was true so put on a little Bob Marley & head over to my Etsy shop!
Have a great day! Regular blogging will commence from here on out =]
Thanks for being patient with me! 

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