Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm a bad blogger.
Well, really I'm bad at time management which in turn makes me a bad blogger.
The past few weeks have been cuh-razy! Packing, sorting through every last single thing we own to determine what stays and what goes, wedding, wedding suit being eaten by a pack of wild dogs (my grandparents dogs... close enough to wild), finding the perfect wedding shoes & jewelry, replacing afore mentioned suit, finding shoes for Shea, finishing D.I.Y. projects for the wedding... which is everything btw, working, still doing little projects at the studio like reupholstering a fancy antique chair, working on ideas for updating the look of this little bloggy, and tons of other things I can't even think of right now! 
We've been so busy we haven't even had a chance to see our new baby cousin Carter!
Sorry Shannon & Dan! We love you guys!

So yeah, that's why I've been a bad blogger but I promise to make up for it eventually. Once we move we'll probably be without internet connection for a day or so but after that it's back on track! (nevermind the fact that I've said that in probably the last 5 posts hehe oops)

Well I'm off to start wrapping up my jewelry so here's a little somethin somethin that reminds me of those myspace surveys haha Just click on it to make it bigger!
Have a great weekend!

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