Tuesday, August 9, 2011

 This week I did Olivia's makeup! She usually doesn't wear much makeup at all and even told me that she doesn't even own a foundation! Trust me she doesn't need it, this girl has flawless skin!
Even though she doesn't normally wear lots of makeup she did express an interest in learning so we did something dramatic and totally out of the box for Olivia, I think she looks beautiful!
This look is really easy to accomplish and is probably something that most people would not wear on a day to day basis but it;s fun to play dress up once and a while!

 I had to sneak a picture while I was doing her lashes and you can see the shades of grey I used here as well.

And a little bonus:
I received a question from a reader about what type of eye makeup she should wear with her glasses. Well here's your answer! =]
When it comes to eye makeup with glasses I think less is more. Instead of emphasizing your eye makeup why not play up another feature like your brows, lips, or skin! You can do a simple eye with maybe just a little black liner on top then do a really bold lip or do a beautiful bronze skin look and let your complexion take center stage!
 Your brows are a very important feature when you wear glasses because it draws attention right to them so be sure to shape them and keep them neat!
 If you're going out and still want to do a slightly more dramatic look (and bold lips aren't your thing) a smokey eye is still possible, just tame it a bit. Keep your eye shadow strictly on your lids... don't try to extend it over your crease. Keep your liner thin and when you smudge try to keep it as close to your lash line or even try skipping the lower lash line all together and use a white liner on your lower water line to really open up your eyes. 

Here are a few examples of girls with glasses who got it right!

I hope this helped! I love answering reader questions so feel free to let me know if there's anything you want to see featured!
Have a great day! =]

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