Friday, August 12, 2011

Sorry for missing a day yesterday I was side tracked with wedding issues! I found an amazing vintage necklace on etsy Tuesday that was as perfect as perfect gets and as soon as I tried to find it again it was gone =[ So if anyone knows of a place where I can find vintage jewelry let me know! But, then our invitations came in so of course I had to open the box gush over them and then address a couple! haha That made my day much better!
Anywho. On to roses.

So now that you've read all about aromatherapy from my last post on the subject (and I know you've all read it riiiiiiight?!) it's time to focus on a single note. Rose. I love rose. Rosey rose rose. Rose and sandalwood are probably my favorites when I can't decide on a fragrance. Rose is said to be one of the most recognizable scents in the world. Not only does it smell amazing it's also great for all skin types. Especially dry, sensitive, or aging skin.  Like I said in the last post on aromatherapy jasmine is considered to be the king of oils and rose is the queen. It takes and enormous amount of flowers & work to extract rose oil. There are 60,000 roses in 1 oz of oil and 60 roses per drop of oil! 
Rose oil brings balance and harmony and is said to elevate the mind and spirit due to it's high vibrational energy. It calms and supports the heart for emotional well being so it can be great for anyone who's in a little bit of a funk. So if you have any emotional wounds or issues try rubbing a little rose oil over your heart and taking a few deep breaths. Sounds simple but it works!
Rose oil blends well with most oils but here are a few of my favorite combinations:

If you want to keep the fragrance on the floral side try experimenting with these:
ylang ylang

If you're feeling a little more earthy rose goes well with these:
(Use 5% dilution in carrier oil for facial oil and 10% dilution in carrier oil for body massage)
Vary the amounts of each oil and be creative. It's fun to just start blending different oils and find something that you love. Best of all you know that no one will be wearing the same aroma! 
Use any carrier oil you like when blending but of course I recommend jojoba especially if you're going to be applying the rose oil to your face.
Happy blending!

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about self care and how we can take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. =]


  1. Ohh, I am definitely a fan of lavender! It is quite possibly my favourite smell in the entire world! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  2. I agree Jo! It's probably the most requested essential oil in my spa! I always say I have a favorite but I really think I just love them all! lol
    Thanks for reading!