Friday, August 26, 2011

So remember when I wrote about juicing? Well okay, I'm going against the advice of The Juice Fasting Bible when I say this but Shea & I are doing a mini juice fast. Originally we planned on doing a 7 day fast but since it's his first time we decided on doing a 2 or 3 day fast depending on how it goes. On day 1 I had very bad memories of my attempt at the Master Cleanse and decided against going the full 7 days haha Yeah I know I'm weak so sue me! 
It really isn't that bad I just had a horrible headache because I had to give up coffee.
The juices are actually delicious! We had pineapple juice for breakfast yesterday morning and it was awesome!

And by lunch time this is how I felt =[
I just wanted to lay in bed and sleep that nasty headache away!
But now I feel great! =]
This is what our fridge looks like! haha We won't be juicing for 7 days but we'll definitely be eating lots of fruits & veggies! And yep that's one heavy load of produce... split the fridge... sorry apartment complex!

To keep my mind off of the urge to chew something I've been busy working on my skin care line! That's right I was going to wait until everything was ready to announce it, but I've been working on this line forever! I've finally got my formulations down and I'm ready to put them out there! I'll definitely let you guys know more when they're ready... I'm still waiting on a few things from wholesalers. I'm very excited!
Of course it's going to be made with 100% natural ingredients. No detergents, synthetic fragrances, dyes... all that nasty stuff!
Pretty bottles! They came in last night and I'm working on filling them ASAP!

Well, we're off to my grandparents again this weekend to get more wedding things done & preparing to move!
Have a great weekend!

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