Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet my cousin Brittany, isn't she gorgeous! Sometimes I think I have some of the best looking family members ever... but I could just be a little biased! Brittany isn't really getting married though, she already did that haha. I asked her to come over to the studio with her veil so I could do her makeup and add her to my makeup portfolio. I did a really simple look for her with lots of gold, copper, a little pink, and a blue liner. Her eyes are a really pretty shade of golden brown so I wanted to accentuate that but keep the over all look subdued and elegant. Whenever you're a bride I fee like people should be saying "Wow she looks so beautiful!!" not, "Wow look at her makeup!" Also, just a little tip, when you're getting ready for any special occasion where you know you're going to be photographed just remember that color is your friend! The flash from the camera washes out your complexion so add a little more blush than you normally would, play up your eyes a little more, and go with a foundation that's just a little darker than normal. I'm not saying you should walk down the aisle looking like Ronald McDonald... you just have to use your best judgement haha. Or better yet hire a professional if you can and that'll just be one less thing you have to worry about! ;]

And here's a little family shot of Brittany her hubby and their adorable little girl!
Just because.

Hope you enjoyed! Next time I'll try to do more of a tutorial for a certain type of look! Let me know if you have any requests! Have a great day!

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  1. When I wear darker eye makeup, my glasses seem to magnify it and I look like a raccoon. My makeup looks great without glasses, but once I put them on, BAM! Total hooker look. Any advice for fancy eyes for those with crappy vision?