Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The first time I ever heard of the oil cleansing method (OCM) was while I was browsing Sephoras website a few years ago and saw the shu uemura cleansing oil. I was immediately intrigued and started researching. And here's what I found out.
From the time we enter our tween years and begin noticing little spots, pimples, zits, etc on our faces we head to the skin care aisle at the nearest drug store and pour over bottles and bottles of cleanser, toners, spot treatments, and moisturizers. This trend continues well into our "golden years." With each new product comes the promise of clearer, brighter, younger, dewy,..(the list goes on and on).. skin. 
The one thing most of these products have in common is that their main ingredient is water. Water does not clean oil from the skin. So these companies add detergents to get your face squeaky clean! The problem is you need that oil on your skin! When you use harsh detergents such sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate you strip your skins natural oils away leaving you with that squeaky clean feeling. If you have dry skin this makes your skin even drier so you need expensive moisturizers to repair the damage done by your cleanser. If you have oily skin this sends signals to your skin that it's too dry and unhealthy so your skin begins secreting more oils. This sounds contradictory doesn't it?!  
When you use the OCM your oil cleanser dissolves the dirt and oil on your face... like dissolves like! The OCM leaves your skin feeling healthy, balanced, and in most cases acne free! (I say in most cases because everyone's skin is different and acne can be very tricky to treat)
So how exactly do you use The Oil Cleansing Method?
First you choose which oil is best for your skin. There are many different types of oils out there so be sure get one that's good quality. The most basic OCM uses cator oil & olive oil which work great but you can definitely get creative and research different types of  carrier oils and even add a few drops of essential oils to fragrance your cleanser!
First, rinse your face with a little warm water and begin massaging your oil into your skin. Use gentle upward circular motions to avoid tugging and causing irritation. Even if you have makeup on just splash a little water on your face and start massaging. Massage for at least 1 minute to make sure all of the days grime has been dissolved by the oil. Next, wet a washcloth with hot water. Not scalding hot but as hot as you can comfortably stand. Drape your cloth across your face and let the hot towel steam your face to allow maximum penetration of the product into your skin. Let the cloth sit for 15- 30 seconds and gently wipe away the oil.
Rinse your cloth and continue to wipe the excess oil away.
After cleansing you may or may not need to moisturize depending on your skin type. Be sure to choose a moisturizer made from natural ingredients because you've just added so many good things to your skin you wouldn't want to layer them with a bunch of chemicals right?!
The OCM may take some getting used to but stick with it and you'll see amazing results! The product line I'm working on will include 3 cleansers that are oil based so you won't even have to worry about choosing carrier and essential oils for your skin type! My etsy store will be up by the end of next week ! I'm very excited to launch this line and hope you all will enjoy it!
Happy oil cleansing!

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